Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Consultation & Important Information
Consultations • New consultations are scheduled for 30 minutes and follow-up consultations are scheduled for 15 minutes. • We routinely make use of photographic documentation. • Additional consultations are sometimes needed for complex cases or cosmetic cases. • Should more than one patient wish to have a consultation simultaneously, these will be charged for separately. Please book more than one time slot. • We will try to perform minor procedures if time permits during the initial consultation. If we are unable to do this, a specific time will be allocated. Time Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to complete any necessary documentation. Alternately please take the time to download and fill out the information and medical history form on the link at the top of the page and submit to reception on the day of your consultation. We try our utmost to be punctual. Unfortunately, we do sometimes encounter medical emergencies, which might mean delaying or re-scheduling your appointment. Please ensure you have your cell phone with you in case we need to contact you. What to bring • Relevant documentation related to your medical history. We will scan this and give it back to you. Alternatively you can ask your GP or referring doctor to email it to us: • You do not need a referral letter to see us. (Unless required by your medical aid) • Consider asking a family member or a friend to accompany you. • Write down your concerns and questions. • Please wear comfortable clothes as you might be required to remove some clothing for examination purposes.
Patient Responsibility • Please inform and obtain pre-authorisation from your medical aid prior to any hospital procedures. o We will provide you with all the relevant codes and information. o Please inform us should you require a motivational letter. This will be charged for according to NHRPL code 0133. o Please follow up on any motivations sent to your medical aid. • It is your responsibility to make sure your account is settled within 90 days. o Outstanding accounts, after 90 days, will be reported and handed over for collection. This might result in you being black listed. o Please liaise with for account queries • Please feel free to contact us before any consultations or procedures if you have any concerns. These concerns are often easier to sort out before incurring costs. Costs • The cost of a consultation is between R700 and R1200. • 1st non-invasive (Botox, peels and fillers) consultation is R500 (only if treatment done, otherwise R700). o Subsequent visits for non-invasive planned treatments do not attract a consultation fee. • Postoperative consultations, within 1 month of the surgical procedure, are considered part of the surgical aftercare and do not attract a consultation fee. o Consumables (e.g. dressings) will however be charged for. o Thereafter the normal consultation fee applies • Routine follow-up consultations, e.g. cancer check-ups, are R440 • Motivation letters, insurance related forms and other forms carry an additional cost. • The consultation fee does not include any procedures performed in the rooms e.g. biopsies etc. or consumables. • Some hospital procedures carry a co-payment. This co-payment must be settled prior to your procedure. • Cosmetic procedures are payable prior to the procedure. Should you require finance, please contact First Health Finance ( Billing Policy • Medical aid related costs are calculated at approximately 150% of the National Health Reference Price list. • All consultations and costs incurred during your consultation are payable immediately by cash, debit card, VISA or MasterCard. No cheques are accepted. o We do not submit these claims to medical aids, as we have no way to verify the status of your out of hospital benefits o We will send you an invoice, which you can use to claim from your medical aid. Please email if you have not received an invoice within 2 weeks. • We will submit medical aid claims related to hospital treatments to your medical aid o Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that your medical aid settles your account. (Pre-authorisation does not guarantee payment).